The vision of Clinica San Lucas is to be an organization that provides both basic and specialized quality health care to the under-served people of western Honduras.  Multiply  these services through the establishment of satellite medical clinics, that improve the quality of life of the people served, while bringing them the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Clinica San Lucas exists in order to provide accessible and compassionate medical care, to individuals, families and communities in need, regardless of their economic or social status, while sharing the message of Jesus Christ, thus facilitating positive changes in their physical and spiritual health .


Compassionate consultations to improve quality of life
  1. Compassion 
  2. Readiness
  3. Solidarity 
  4. Honesty 
  5. Friendship 
  6. Unconditional Aid 
  7. Quality of Life 
  8. Excitement 
  9. Integrity 
  10. Excellence 

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