Community Health

The Clinic, in association with the Association San Lucas develops community health projects in the town of San Sebasti├ín . The projects are: 

    1. Medical and dental care for school children
    2. Training School Children as dental hygiene promoters
    3. Funding Small community pharmacies 
    4. Promotion of clean-up campaigns in Students involved in thier communitycommunities, by teachers and school students   
    5. Pre and post-natal care and education for pregnant women in the community of San Sebastian. 
    6. Medical and dental care for children of the Institute for Children and Family ( INHFA ) 
    7. Dental care to inmates of the Penal Center of Gracias Lempira . 
    8. Small projects for latrines and potable water storage tanks. 
    9. Training teachers and parents about first aid 
    10. Training students in grades 7-9 on sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs). 
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